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Garmin Varia Headlight - HL 500 lumens

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One of the new Varia line of smart cycling devices from Garmin. Smart bike light system that adjusts to changing environmental conditions. Works independently or wirelessly connects with compatible Garmin Edge cycling computers (see list). As riders speed increases, the headlight automatically projects further ahead and vice versa as a riders speed decreases when paired with Edge computer. As light conditions change, the smart Varia headlight and tail light automatically get brighter or dimmer when paired with a light sensing Edge computer. Adjustments including on/off can be made manually with the use of a remote thats included in the bundle.

Bike Lights Key Features:

Automatic Beam Mode - Based on speed information from an Edge, the headlight beam will be placed where the rider needs it the most; in the far field at high speeds and in the near field at lower speeds. When deceleration is detected, the tail light will change its brightness to alert traffic behind that a cyclist is near and slowing.

Focused Light - Varia lights focus the light where you need it - on the road ahead; the headlight beam also has a high-beam cut off to avoid blinding oncoming traffic while still giving 100 lux at 10 meters.

Automatic Light Intensity Control - The brightness intensity of both the headlight and the tail light may be controlled when paired with an Edge unit that has light sensing capabilities. By installing a secondary taillight a rider can add a turn signal function. This options includes: Varia headlight (HL 500), universal out-front mount, microUSB cable, manuals.