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Continental Sprinter GatorSkin Tubular Tyre - Black/DuraSkin

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Inheriting the best qualities of the highly popular Gatorskin road tyre, namely the durable carbon black tread micture, the effective puncture protection breaker layer and the DuraSkin anti-cut fabric. The Sprinter Gatroskin itself features the typically comfortable and light feel of a tubular tyre. Professional riders use a similar combination in their tyres for Paris - Roubaix and other equipment destroying classics in the springtime. If you want to get the miles in but your roadsaren't covered with the finest tarmac, then this is your tubular. 25 mm width is fast rolling and comfortable for long rides or racing. SafetySystem breaker belt offers enhanced protection from punctures. Well priced and popular choice, still riddenby pros around the world. andmade in Germany. Weighs 320 grams.