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Velocity was founded in 2014 and brings you the best bike brands at the best prices with the most open and honest advice there is. Our sincere hope is that if you cycle you get to do it more and enjoy it more and if you don't ride a bike yet we hope to be able to convince you to give it a try. The team here at Velocity is made up of Mark, Dan, Michael, and our chief mechanic and wheel builder guru Sir Lloyd.

Its fair to say that between us all we have all the bases covered from road racing, all mountain, touring and vintage bicycles.

Mark was, and still is the Founder & CEO of Turas Bikes based here in Ireland and Turas own Velocity Bike Store so that makes him the boss!! The frame company Turas Bikes is a frame manufacturer that has an incredibly strong following here in Ireland as well a lot of interest from overseas and afar. Turas work with premium Italian frame builders to bring you bespoke hand built carbon frames. Mark is a road cyclist at heart but has been known to try his hand at the odd Triathlon. Mark's passion lies in helping people getting the most out of their cycling experience and as such is an expert bike fitter. Having done hundreds of bike fits Mark leads all of the bike fitting here at Velocity. You will normally find him either somewhere near a MacBook, the bike fit machine or on a bike somewhere. 

Dan was based in France for 14 years providing the Alpe d'Huez area with some of the best cycling accommodation, bike rental, custom bike building and the best bike guiding known to man. Dan then started DC Custom Velos as an independent bike building company who Velocity dealt with when Dan first relocated to Ireland. It was at this point Velocity decided to bring DC under our roof and bring the DC brand under the Turas umbrella. At this point Dan joined our executive team as Director Of Retail and leading the expansion of our retail operations. Dan is also responsible for all of the awesome stuff you see on social media on a day to day basis. Dan is a mountain biker at heart and can often be found on a trail somewhere. 

Lloyd, our primary mechanic and wheel builder, loves to fish, grow his world famous beard and most importantly loves restoring, repairing and putting right your bicycles when they are in need.

Since returning from his many bike shop posts over in Canada, he has now put down roots here at Velocity and is here on hand 6 days a week to take care of all your needs in the workshop and repair area.  

Michael leads the retail sales and customer service team. Michael is a mountain biker true and true. He races cross country and loves long training days in the saddle. He has worked in bike retail throughout Ireland and is an expert in all things customer service and warranty. He loves dealing with families and getting them all sorted out on the right bikes. 

We ship our bicycles and parts worldwide and pride ourselves on our turnaround time and attention to detail.

We promise to make you happy… very happy!